Thursday, November 23, 2017

Friday, April 8, 2016

3dsMax Command Port

3dsMax Command Port from Mahmoud Hisham on Vimeo.

This is a handy tool for Technical Directors especially pipeline TDs, so now you can send commands with external IDE or through any other 3D package ..
it also supports backward compatibility, so it works with any 3dsMax version.

with this tool you can receive commands from external applications and IDEs like Maya, Nuke and Mari .. it makes communications with the other 3D packages much easier.

Command Port functionality isn't supported by native in 3dsMax unlikely in Maya or Nuke.

you can get it from here :

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

RenderMan for 3dsmax - Work in progress 01

RenderMan for 3dsmax - Work in progress 01 from Mahmoud Hisham on Vimeo.

So, briefly this is the biggest project I've been working on for implementing RenderMan to 3dsmax ..
this in a non-official plugin it's just an individual work with +3000 line of code in 3dsmax SDK

here is some of RenderMan Features we got from this plugin :

- PxrDisney Shader is exact the same as the one in Maya,
so no worries in working on many software .. you will get the exact same quality!

- A bunch of render settings options, will be expanded in the next work in progress 02.

- RenderMan Area light with some basic parameters like :
Light Color, Exposure, Temperature and Shading Rate.

- RSL Shader is available so you can test your REYES shaders with RenderMan Shader Factory directly from your 3dsmax scene.

And Here is some pre-alpha renders we got from this implementation :

Lastly, Here's a list of what we have in this plugin and what is planned to see in the next work in progress 02

What we have got in this work in progress 01 :

- Exporting 3dsMax Objects to RenderMan.
- Implementing PxrDisney Shader to 3dsmax shaders editor.
- Implementing RenderMan Area Light to 3dsmax.
- Built a base for RenderMan settings in 3dsmax.

Upcoming work in progress 02 should have :

- Camera transformation fixed.
- Implementing more RenderMan Shaders.
- Creating more RenderMan Settings Options.
- Having RSL bridge with RenderMan Shader Factory to work.

I hope that you enjoyed it, and wait for the upcoming implemented features.

Feel free to contact me over:

Email ::
Phone :: +491639451928

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Maya C++ API - viewport collision objects

So, my first plugin just came out .. this is just some working around with deformers, data handlers and matrices in Maya's API.
Still there's much work to do .. still work in progress.

Friday, May 15, 2015

RenderMan Shader Factory on Linux

Not much interesting video, just trying out RenderMan Shader Factory with RenderMan server on OpenSuse to figure out if there's a bugs but it works well!