Monday, January 12, 2015

Go Mari for Maya

Hello Everyone,
Here's Go Mari for Maya, this tool I've been developing for my pipeline as a one click workflow between 3Ds Max,Maya and Mari

A brief about this tool :-
  • You're no longer worry about Import/Exporting maps from Mari to Maya, everything will be done with a couple of clicks!
  • Go Mari sends the whole scene from Maya to Mari and can also export the selected objects only.
  • Missed an object? don't worry, Go Mari will check for the updated objects and send it to Mari.
  • All projects are logged into a database so all users can access their projects through network.
  • Same exporting method as Go Mari for 3Ds Max with shared database between so you can use the same project in 3Ds Max and Maya.

Thanks for the Model Abdelwahab Essam
Hope you like it,

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